Friday, September 12, 2008

What Ya'll Think?/Sarah Palin ABC Interview...

Here's what Matt Damon thought...


Nashville_fan said...

I think that the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President proves once and for all time the primary objection many people have to Barack Obama is his skin color.


The same people who pretended to be concerned about Senator Obama's experience level are now singing Sarah Palin's praises.

The interview illustrated she is little more than a speech reader - and yet the "conservative" masses are mesmerized.

One thing confuses me:

How can someone who professes to be a "Christian" lie so much and so often?

What Would Jesus Do Sarah?

Lie about his opponent?

Time to take Christianity back from the political scumbags using it to camoflauge their lust for power.

That's what I think.

Blog Queen said...

You know what I think. This is the most ridiculous nonsense I've seen in a presidential election in my life.

Shakedown Crews said...

I think the racism is coming from the LEFT, not the right. And the selection of Palin undermined the Obama supporters because 1) Palin has more experience than Obama, but 2) the Obama supporters say that she is too inexperienced to be VP, so 3) if the VP candidate with more experience is not qualified, then your Presidential candidate is also unqualified.

I'm SICK of being told that because I like McCain then I'm a racist. It's the LEFT that is saying that if Obama loses, there will be race wars. Or that Europe will be convinced that America is racist unless we elect Obama (really? when did England, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy ever have a black President or PM? when did they ever have a black Sec. of Defense? Or Sec. of State?)

It is the left that says that Palin should get gang raped by "brothers"--where is your outrage at another racist slander?

Thed-litical said...

"It is the left that says that Palin should get gang raped by "brothers"--where is your outrage at another racist slander?"

I TOO am outraged by anyone wishing harm on anyone...period. I've not said these things and wish that others would cease to participate in harmful, ill wishes at either candidate. I think there is racism coming from both sides. That being said...

Palin is qualified to be President and or Vice President. She is a native born american and she's over 35. With that being said, i don't think she's the BEST qualified VP that John McCain could have selected. i think that this is what MOST who oppose her being VP are attempting to articulate. I think she was chosen for "obvious" reasons...(i spoke on them in my "Sarah Palin..." blog entry)

I think that she's a clever distraction. Of course all "experience" is NOT created equal. if I were a chief of police for 2 years in a small town and a Boy Scout troop leader before that for a couple of years, I've have experience in the area of "national security". If another candidate was a navy seal for a year and had served in Iraq during the Iraq War and was a national guardsman before that, I don't think it would be "unwise" to think that maybe, the Navy seal may bring a certain skill set to the position of let's say the head of the department of defense than the police chief.

I think that this situation is similar. Obama has had a history of having opinions and thoughts about the state of the US when it comes to international relations and he's made them know well before he announced he was running for president. he's serve as a US Senator (although briefly) & Palin admitted just a few weeks before her selection that she didn't even know what the VP does. Clearly her "experience" isn't quite the same however valid it may be.