Sunday, September 7, 2008


It seems to me that the republicans feel that John McCain's past military experience make him a foreign policy expert.  Which is why I think they kept "beating us over the head" with his service at the RNC.    According to this logic, since John McCain was in the military (and performed heroically, might I add) He knows what to do in "all" military situations.  OK, let's think about this for a moment.  By applying this logic, the best athletes should go on be be the best coaches...right?  Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, and yet he couldn't quite get that coaching thing down.  Magic Johnson, another GREAT player that won't go down in coaching history.  There are some good players that became coaches and do well, and there are some great coaches that were never considered "great players".  Just because "B" comes after "A" doesn't mean that "A" caused "B".
My point is, that in today's world, we need great "thinkers" in leadership roles more often than not.  I'm not calling John McCain unintelligent, I'm saying that Barack Obama is a great thinker (or at least I think he is a better thinker that John McCain).  The fact that he never "served his country" in the military doesn't diminish his ability to lead.  Let's look at some facts, shall we...
  • Barack Obama not only opposed the "Iraq War" from the start, he clearly stated why we didn't need to go in and did it at a time when it wasn't "politically popular" to do so.
  • He clearly stated that we need a "time table" to get out of Iraq, (and now everybody thinks that's a good idea)
  • Obama has clearly stated that the economic commitment we're making in Iraq can't continue while they have a multi-billion dollar surplus.  It's against our own national security to borrow money from China, to buy oil from other countries, to help fuel this war in Iraq.
  • Barack Obama finished top of his class from Harvard the #1 college in America while John McCain finished near the bottom of his class (894th out of 899) from the Naval Academy.  I'm not saying that this makes Obama smarter than McCain, I'm saying it increases the odds.
Overall, I just believe that Obama may be more inclined to "think" about the long-term consequences of any of our country's action before acting and I think that McCain will have more of a "knee-jerk" reaction which could endanger Americans in the long run.

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Vic The Truth said...

"I'm not saying that this makes Obama smarter than McCain, I'm saying it increases the odds."...LOL!! On so many levels this race shouldn't even be close. The fact that McCain has any support shows us how oblivious the American public is.

Vic The Truth
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