Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How do you veil your Racism? (parody/satire?) N-Word Warning!!

Ok, let's take the gloves off on this one. I've been addicted to this entire political sea
son, hell, I'm a rapper with a political blog! All that being said, I've been listening to poor, uneducated, blue-collar, white folks using every excuse in the book to NOT vote for Barack Obama. I mean I've heard it all! It's been eye-opening and amazing to hear some of the stuff that people
 come up with for not voting for someone. I decided to have a little fun with this one. I'm going to list some of the reasons I "hear" white-people say, and then I'm going to try and interpret what they "really" mean. Here we go...

What they say... What they "REALlY" mean...
  1. They say..."He's a Muslim." but they mean... "We don't trust niggers! Especially the ones that don't go to church and praise a "White God"!
  2. They say... "He's inexperienced" but they mean... He hasn't been around long enough to know if he's a safe nigger. At least Colin Powell is in the military!
  3. The say... "He doesn't wear flag pen." but they mean... "This nigger may have figured out that this country has been f--king his kind over for years and might retaliate! That's what I'd do!
  4. They say... "but there's Rev. Wright" but they mean... "We know he's been told the "truth"about what white folks been doing to blacks...how can he NOT be mad?!?
  5. They say..."His Dad's African." but they mean... "This ain't like one of them "regular" niggers we grow over here! This nigger is straight off the boat! My granddaddy would roll over in his grave!"
Now, in no way am I suggesting that if your white and you're not voting for Obama, you MUST be a racist...That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying that there are SOME folks who are not so much voting "for" McCain as they are voting "against" Obama. And I'm saying that if you're reasons are not based on the REAL ISSUES (i.e. the economy, health care, Iraq war, housing crisis, energy dependence, etc.) that face the USA, you might be a racist, and don't even know it! Or, maybe you do, and you're still deciding on what veil to use to cover it.


Blog Queen said...

good post and nice site. it's my first time visiting but certainly not my last...

Nashville_fan said...


You hit the nail on the head, you wiped the lipstick off the pig!

GREAT POST (and nice blog)!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! You missed your calling!


Anonymous said...

Very funny - very true. You have to been able to read between the lines.


average white man said...

My girlfriend and I are both white, and we're both voting for Obama. Although McCain would be a better President than Bush (who wouldn't be), we can't take the risk. Four more years of Republican rule will be enough to wipe out the rest of the middle class.

I dumped the Republican party in 1984 and joined the Democrats. I realized that the Republicans only serve the top 10% of wage earners, and the only way they won elections was to lie to the American people, even to their own supporters.

They know damn well they can't win elections with 10% of the vote, so they have to use topics like gay marriage, abortion, flag worship, and false piety to win. Let's examine these topics.

1. Gay marriage: I don't care who marries who as long as I'm not paying the caterer.

2. Abortion: Every Republican since Roe v. Wade has been opposed to abortion, at least during the campaign. Once elected, they ignore it. Nixon didn't ban it, nor did Ford, Reagan, Bush #1 or Bush #2.

3. Flag worship: Every Republican wears that little flag lapel pin. Most of these pins are made in China. Is that patriotic?

4. False piety: What would Jesus do? Would He bear false witness against his neighbor? Obama's opponents have. Would He lie, either outright or by omission of facts? Obama's opponents have. Is Jesus even concerned with who you vote for? Of course not. There are no politics in Heaven.

I've known many fine people of all political persuasions and religions. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents. Some Christians, some Jewish, some Muslim, and some atheist. I've also known plenty of church-goers who were saintly on Sunday and S.O.B.'s on Monday. God isn't running for office. He already has one.

McCain really shook the political world when he put a woman on his ticket. We are not impressed. Shirley Chisholm, a black woman, first ran for President in 1972. We should congratulate the Republicans for being 36 years behind the times? Even now, they can accept a woman as V.P., but they're still not ready to run one as President.

I was on a blog a few days ago, and one person made a comment to the effect that Obama won't win because blacks don't vote. I found that comment racist, ignorant, and above all, false.

The last time I voted, I saw blacks and whites, Jews, Muslims, atheists and Christians, gays and straights, all waiting in line to cast their ballots.

If anything, I feel Obama will be elected by people of every race, creed, and nationality. We're all human, regardless of our physical appearance, we've all been hoodwinked by the Bush administration, and none of us can afford four more years of the McSame old thinking.

Thed-litical said...

Thanx for your thoughts "average white man..." Hope you won't be a stranger to the site ; - )