Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is America Ready for a "Black President"?

That's the simple answer. America is seldom "ready" for necessary changes that have come in her history. America wasn't ready for it's enslaved to become free nor her women to have the right to vote when these things happened. America wasn't ready for "rock-n-roll" or "hip-hop" when these forms of music introduced their way into our hearts through our ears. America wasn't ready for Martin Luther King, Jr. to help organize a movement to help it's citizens of African decent gain their full rights. So what does this mean?
It means that the very asking of this question is a reminder of what is "wrong" with America. What would America look like if it was "ready" for a Black president? Would there not be racial profiling? Would BET play more "positive" videos? Would "Flavor of Love" be cancelled? Would the republican party have more than 36 black delegates? How would we know if America was ready for a Black president?
We'd know because no one would be asking this question.
Does America need a Black president? This question is as asinine as the first one. America needs a government that can help her function and help it's citizens live better lives. America needs a leader that can inspire it's citizens to accomplish great things and ideals. American needs to think of it's citizens as a collective and not as individuals. What's good for "us"? What's best for the country? These are THE questions we the people need to try and answer.


Jessica said...

I was talking to free the other day about the psychology our black youths not seeing black people in leading positions. Although many young blacks may say they want to be doctors, lawyers or presidents when they are young- in many cases when these youth don't see a fair representation of black adults doing these things vs a great amt of blacks in jail, getting paid minumum wage or selling drugs- subconsciously it lowers the youth's standards or expectations of themselves. In this case, Obama being president will be a boost for minority children everywhere because in most people's mind.. if a black person can do something, anyone can.

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog and thinking of the question in depth, I do agree that it is indeed an "asinine" question. But who asks dumb questions? Dumb people, would be my guess! Now, in your previous blog, you created a really good sketch of how the "party bosses" must have laid it out to McCain. Also, Obama can be heard giving his opinion of how he beleives that "republicans think your so stupid...." Well, I I would have to agree with the repubs. We stupid (not we're, we). And not stupid because we are ignorant, oh no. What makes us dummies is NOT that we ARE ignorant, but that we CELEBRATE our ignorance!! I beleive we are actually celebrating our own ignorance by making huge hits of shows like "Flav of Love" that you speak of, "I Love NY", and a host of other baphoonary(sp?). It just does'nt get any more "asinine" than that.
I pray that when Obama takes office, that his first State of the Union Address will go as follows: "Fellow Americans, you have become the dumbest, most ignorant people on the face of the planet. Here is the reason why, and here is how I will bring you dumbasses into the light.

It's all Love,

You should start podcasting! This some good stuff!