Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Republican Project...

For a while, like most Obama supporters, I've been playing Monday Morning Quarterback about how he should respond to the senseless attacks against him. A few months ago, I stopped and took about 3 steps back and tried to see the "forest" instead of the "trees".  I think I'm a pretty smart guy (a trait of MOST bloggers) but I must admit that I think that Barack is probably a wee bit smarter than I am.  And, when I started to consider this, I stopped trying to think of what he ought to do to win this election, and started thinking of why is he doing what he's doing?  I mean, he gotten this far with out calling me once and asking for any advice. So, let's dissect what he IS doing...
  • He's not fighting fire with fire.  (in practical terms, water tends to work better any way.)  When the Repubs accused him of calling Palin a pig...he doused those flames with the issues.
  • When the Repubs unleashed more false TV ads and campaign lies, he stuck to the issues.
  • When racism rears it's ugly head from around the country, he smacks that head with his positions on the issues.
Hmmm.  What a novel concept.  We've all heard the parable "never argue with a fool because onlookers may not be able to tell who's the fool."  I can't think of a more applicable situation than this one to use it's logic.  
Now, I must admit that I do think that Obama is giving the general voting populous more credit than it may deserve.  But, maybe not.  See, it's hard to stop "second-guessing" him isn't it?
I have a republican friend (a white woman of the middle-class).  Last week, I decided to have a political discussion with her.  Keep in mind, this if AFTER I began to realize that Obama is smarter than I am.  So, I decided to follow his lead and only talk about the issues instead of doing what I would want him to do on the stump.  I didn't bring up the names of the candidates at all (unless she brings them up first)...only policy.  I've been amazed.  She really doesn't know any of either candidates positions on any of the policies.  She can only repeat what she's heard from other republicans.  So, I've been educating her of what the policies are and where she can find out about them and read up on them for herself.  She came to work one day last week and told me that she tried to watch some "politcal tv programs" but couldn't stomach to watch it for long because they didn't talk about the "issues" like me and her had been discussing.  She actually WANTS to here about them...and she's a republican!
I did start this conversation off with her by asking her what she thought of Sarah Palin.  She began to tell me how she "liked her and how she was against government spending. blah, blah, blah..."  I informed her that Sarah hired a lobbyist when she was mayor of Wasilla and had gotten $27 million in "ear-marks".  After hearing this she asked me, "where did you hear that?"  I told her that I read it on the Internet.  I told her that it was public knowledge.  She again asked, "but who told you that?"  I then told her that, "About 85% of all the black people that are voting for Obama maybe doing it just because he's black....I'm not one of them though.  I'm an informed voter."
She's been emailing me about politics and watching TV more closely because she too would like to be an informed voter.  The more educated she becomes on the issues the more she doesn't want to be an uninformed voter.  The more educated she becomes on the issues, the more she must face the fact that she has NO GOOD REASON NOT TO VOTE FOR OBAMA!  She, like so many other Americans, is an uninformed voter.  I can see the wheels turning when she talks to me now.  I've never been mean.  I've never said one negative thing about McCain or Palin (I have, however, cleared up a few lies they've told).  I've only educated her on the issues and she's starting to question everything she thought she knew.  
Why is Obama doing what he's doing?  Because he's smarter than most of us.  He told us how to win this election.  "We are who we've been waiting on!"  Remember hearing that?  He's leading by example.  He can't talk to every American, but "we" can.  Yes we can.  We've got to educate ourselves on the issues.  Not just on our positions, but McCain/Palin positions too.  I subscribe to John McCain's web site.  I've read his plan for America.  I've probably read more in the last few months than I have my entire life (I know, sad but true)!  Each one teach one should be "our" motto.  If a republican knows, what the issues are, what each candidate is proposing to do to fix America, and they STILL are voting against their own best interests and judgement, then they are probably not voting for Obama only because he is black.  If we can help educate more voters we'll either get more repubs to vote for Obama, or more repubs to realize that they are probably a racist.  I call it...The Republican Project.


Anonymous said...

All of your points are well-stated. It's obvious you are very informed about election coverage. Love your presentation.Good job!

Megatron3 said...

We MUST become more informed about the issues and encourage as many people as possible to do the same. Keep it up!!

the boss hog said...

Well, I am black and an informed voter. Yet I still choose not to support Obama for several reasons. Thed, you did address some of the attacks on Obama that McCain have levied, but not the other way around. Example, I've heard the attacks about McCain not using a computer to make him look "outdated" and discredit his claims as a reformer. The little known fact is that he can't use a computer because torture from his POW days left him disabled and unable to type. You can't tell me that's not a low blow from a guy that wants to change the way we do politics. Also, Obama's ridiculous claim that his tax proposals will lower taxes for 95% of Americans. LOL!!! that would be great! But the fact is that only about 60% of americans actually pay federal income taxes after you take into account the gross earnings adjustments. And on and on. You are a Obama supporter and that's fine but Obama is far from getting it right on all of the issues. Do you really think that unversal health care is the solution to our health care problems? If you do, why don't you ask the canadians that can afford it why they come here for their health care? Have you been to the DMV lately? That's what you'll experience at a Drs' apt. I personally don't want that. Why does everyone buy the idea of Obama being a change agent? What major legislation has Obama sponsored since he's been in the Senate? He definitely does not want to go there with McCain(ever heard of the Muhammad Ali act, or Mcain-Feingold?) Maybe if I tell you I'll give you a million dollars if you vote for me, I'll get a few votes this november. Well that's the same thing Obama is doing. All promises and no substance, but I will admit he can give a darn good easter speech!!LOL!!

Thed-litical said...

Hey "boss hog" thanks for your comment. I'd like to retort, if i may. I've enclosed links below to substantiate this response.
1. It's 2008 and there are MANY innovations that would allow Senator McCain to enjoy all the wonders of "cyber-space" if he so desired. He's married to a very wealthy woman and the latest and greatest of technological advances are at his disposal. The video of the interview conducted with him at this year's Republican Debate by yahoo shows him simply stating that he is "illiterate" when it comes to computers. Not that because of his injuries he can't use the computer. If it was because of his POW status I'm sure he would have found a way to bring it up. Obama's ad isn't making fun of the fact that he "can't type" but is reminding the viewer that he's "out of touch."

2. According to "Tax Policy Center"..."Families making between $37,595 and $66,354 of annual income with Obama would get an average tax cut of $1,042 per family while McCain’s tax cut for this group would be $319, the report states." I'm pretty sure that if YOU know that only 60% of Americans pay income tax, Obama does too, and about 95% of that 60% must be who everybody is talking about. At any rate, more Americans would see more of their own money under Obama's plan vs. McCain's tax plan...or should i say Bush Tax Plan 2.0.

3. And I do not think that universal health care is the answer to our health care problems...but neither does Obama. He's talking about fundamental change. First of all, the pharmaceutical industry is RAPING everybody worse than the oil giants! And the insurance companies are good at figuring out how NOT to pay for the claims for the sick. They are even allowed to "cherry-pick" who they insure and try to insure the "most healthy". Obama is trying to motivate a healthier nation. Many health problems can be prevented with diet and an active life style. There are ways to encourage people to do more preventative medicine. And, a way to get health costs down so that more Americans can afford to pay for it. I'm not sure if you've ever seen Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko" show's that many other countries have health care systems that over-all work better than ours. It's a very insightful film.

3.5 And as far as being promised a million dollars for a vote...I get your point but it's a little over the top. All I know is that the president is but one man. What either candidate can do is limited to what "we" as Americans are willing to do. Will we make sure our homes are energy efficient even if we won't get a tax break for it? Will be drive a Honda Fit instead of a Hummer so we burn less fuel? Will we educate ourselves on the issues and try and better understand what we can do to help? I think that Obama can inspire the change we must undergo in order to rise as a better nation. If we continue to sit back, watch our country implode and trust that the person that continues to "misrepresent" the facts about himself and his running mate in order to play on the fears and ignorance of others, we will cease to be the greatest nation...won't we?

Thed-litical said...

oh...I didn't include "lol" in my retort because i fail to see the humor in any of this. :-(

Thed-litical said...

oh... and with Obama's health care proposal, if you already have health care... nothing would change. his programs addresses the millions of americans who can't get coverage for whatever reason. i have been to the DMV...I'd much rather wait in a VERY long line, than die of a curable illness...but that's just me. lol!

Thed-litical said...

I've never heard him speak on easter, but his non-holiday speeches are good too!

BBiz said...

Another great post. Considerate cogent arguments - instead of arguing and finishing statements with under-the-breath derrogatory jabs - that is the debate that the "we" should have...all the way to poll day. Because

1) We are not votes, not mindless party-loyal automatons. We [are] the people. Our government should speak to us and for us...and protect the conversation; and

2) We all need to be informed, learned voters, but perhaps "we" are the teachers as well as the learners.

I saw a conservative cynic on the Bill Maher re-broadcast today (can't recall his name now) who frequently admonished the rest of the panelists (Janean Garafalo, Salmon Rushdie, and Rosanne Barr...he was BADLY outnumbered) that nasty language could very well cause folks the Democrats want to swing to turn a deaf ear to their "superior" argument. That would be a shame - reason lost in ridicule...just as bad as rhetoric masquerading as righteousness.

(Please forgive any mispellings...just quickly tossing free-form thoughts into my post in support of Super-blogger Thed, emcee of two realms!)

the boss hog said...

Okay let's talk health care. I read an article on a few weeks ago outlining Obama's plan that would primarily be a government administrated one(i.e. universal health care). He was even quoted as saying that he would institute his plan slowly because of all the jobs that would be potentially lost by the collapse of private insurers. I for one work for one of the largest insurers in the nation. We don't look for ways to deny claims. Neither do we "cherry pick" who can be covered. When a claim comes in we look at the procedure code that is filed along with the diagnosis code to make a determination of whether or not it meets criteria for coverage under the insurance CONTRACT(which is an agreement between to or more parties). This may be a little harsh but most people won't turn off their TV long enough to read their benefit booklet to see what is and is not covered. Here's a little inside info. For every $1 we receive in premiums, 94 cents goes out paying a claim. That means we have 6 cents left to maintain infrastructure, make payrolls, and administrate. What government program do you know of that's run that efficiently? About 90% of our customers have employer sponsored plans and the only eligibility requirements are for the most part, determined by the employer, not us. Also, did you know that 20% of health care patients use 80% of the health care services available? (Those are not exact numbers but then again, whose numbers are?)This could easily be fixed by instituting use of health savings accounts. But the left has fought that plan tooth and nail because t's too much like capitalism and not enough socialism. If you're getting your health care info from Michael Moore, that definitely deserves a big LOL!!! I didn't watch "sicko" because I knew it would be the sequel to his overly subjective Farenheit 9/11. I would suggest you watch "Farenhype 9/11". This movie talks about the many false representations of Michael Moore in his film, one example being a FL newspaper filing suit against him for siteing them as a source of one of his lies. My point is I don't want government involved in my life any more than they have to be. I applaud your work on the Thornton Dial project, but how would you like it if you had to share the gains of that with a bunch of artists that weren't as committed to making things happen for themselves as you are? That's what Barack and Co. specialize in. Again I pose the question since it was ignored before. Why do we buy this idea that Obama is this great change agent? Can you tell me about legislation that he has sponsored since he's been in the Senate? When has he gone against his party for a cause he thought was right? The best you can do is quote some remarks he made in one of his (easter)speeches. That's all any Obama supporter can do.

the boss hog said...

Let me pose a more serious question. Black Americans are the most diverse people on the face of the earth arguably. We are diverse in our backgrounds, our habits, professions, religions, even down to our skin colors, that being said how is it that as divers as we are, one political party can represent the political interests of over 90% of us? How ridiculous is that? We are in a catch-22 politically. Dems don't work for our votes because we give them away. Repubs don't work for our votes because they feel like it's a lost cause. We have congressional district races that are noncontested by the republican party so who's going to compete with the dems and keep them on their toes? If you really look at the issues closely, most black folk especially in the south don't agree with the ideaology of the main stream democratic party. Most of us don't support gay marriage, most of us don't want the government to take away our guns, most of us believe that if a man doesn't work, neither should he eat. It sounds to me like we're a lot more "conservative" than most would think.

patrick said...

boss hog,

I'd like to know how you feel about McCain? You've spent a lot of time and character space denouncing Obama (we know why you're NOT voting for Obama), but I haven't heard why you ARE voting for McCain? Are you voting for McCain, or simply voting against Obama? There is a difference...
Also, just to clarify your earlier statement, I've worked for 2 health insurance agencies in my lifetime over the course of 7 years, and I will confidently and emphatically state to you and the world that insurance agencies are crooks, and their entire purpose is to get you to pay money "just in case" something happens - they have NO incentive whatsoever to actively try and ensure people who would actually need their service. Getting certain claims paid is like pulling teeth... believe that from one who worked there.

Now, about those McCain points - please outline for us readers (in just as much detail) why you are voting for McCain. I don't want anyone to get the impression that you're just voting against Obama.

patrick said...

and oh yeah... I know that employees of insurance agencies get great coverage at low cost (sometimes FREE). Could this be the reason you don't want to stand in the DMV-like doctors line, mr. hogg? Because at that point, we would ALL be on the same level. The "have's" and "have-not's" would have the same access to the same system.
Bottom line, if you've got great insurance, chances are you may not want to disrupt that system. But try explaining your healthcare point to someone who has absolutely NO choice but to go to Cooper Green.... As a mater of fact, walk in Cooper Green and give that grand healthcare speech aloud.. among the folk with NO healthcare.

natalie said...

boss hog-

Once again, I fail to see how so many conservatives make invisible connections between democrats and socialism- sure, bigger government sometimes comes with the dem. territory- but it doesn't neccesarily mean Big Brother is installing surveillance cameras in all American homes and passing breeding laws- I mean, Gee Whiz, calm down allready, man. Besides, after the Homeland Security Act- wouldn't any good ole' Socialism fearing, half-way intelligent person stop and think twice before jumping on the Bush- oh, I'm Sorry- I meant the McCain band wagon...(?) Yes, that is a valid question-

And I'll give you the reason why I think Obama is an agent of change- New Blood, my friend. It's about time that someone who doesn't have family in the government allready, or money so old it's got mold growing on it does something in the white house- cause one thing's for sure- ain't much of nothing been going on in there for the past 8 years- and I can see another big ole' bunch of nothing going down for the next 4-8 if McCain manages to buy his way in there this time- even more reason to vote for Obama- if only to NOT vote for McCain. And yeah, I said that. LOL FOOL!

the boss hog said...

Correction, I don't work for an insurance "agency", I work for the company itself. Any yes, I get wooonderful health coverage like most of you do. My benefits are not so much better, I just understand my coverage and as a result, am better equipped to take advantage of the benefits my plan offers. but the fact of the matter is that I will end up paying for someone else's claim because I rarely go to the Dr(in other words, I'm part of that 80% that only has 20% left over). Patrick what you said about insurance agencies is what most would refer to as an "opinion". What I said about 94 cents of every dollar being paid out in claims is documented fact. As far as telling my story to someone else, I'd be glad to talk to anyone that believes in self accountability. People would stop gripping so much about their jobs if they really knew how much of their premium was paid by their employer. Also as it relates to the DMV like Dr lines, my concern is the quality of care that we'll receive. How do you fix the shortages of providers, and facilities, and all of the other problems that haven't been brought to the forefront yet? Thed referenced Michael Moore's comments about other countries making healthcare more accessible but who's willing to stand in line to drink from a sess pool? we have the best health care in the world(relative to quality) hands down and no one can argue with that. Like I said, you can fix a lot of the discrepancies with health savings accounts. But I'm sure no one wants to talk about that.

As far as McCain is concerned, the truth be told I am voting against Barack Obama more than I am supporting McCain. Obama is more hyped than a tickle-me-Elmo from a few Christmas' ago. Absolutely zero substance(except of course for the awesome easter speeches). At least McCain has shown that he's willing to break from his party on issues that are against what he thinks is right. He's demonstated a desire to change things when he sees they are wrong (i.e. the Muhammad ALi Act, McCain-Feingold legislation). Can anyone (this is my 3rd time asking this question)give me one example of Obama doing this on any level? To paint this picture of John McCain being the 3rd Bush term is ridiculous, even though I think a 3rd bush term would be better than a 1st Obama term. I've heard some piss poor reasons for Obama support ("new blood"). Doesn't it make you a little uneasy when the terrorist that want to see you and I dead refer to him as "our Kenyan brother"? Wipe the sleep out of your eyes!!!

Blog Queen said...

Thed - this was a well written post and I agree. He should stick to the issues. There's enough sleaze oozing out of the GOP for all of us

Thed-litical said...


Barack Obama's Bipartisan Record:

Nonproliferation: the poster child for issues that people ought to care about, but don't. Here Obama has teamed up with Richard Lugar (R-IN)

Avian flu: Obama was one of the first Senators to speak out on avian flu, back in the spring of 2005, when it was a quintessentially wonky issue, not the subject of breathless news reports.

Regulating Genetic Testing: It was while I was reading about this issue that I first thought: gosh, Barack Obama seems to turn up whenever I am reading about some insanely wonky yet important issue.

Reducing medical malpractice suits the right way: Contrary to popular belief, medical malpractice claims do not do much to drive up health care costs. Still, medical malpractice litigation is a problem.

Those are some of the wonkier things he's done. (There are others: introducing legislation to make it illegal for tax preparers to sell personal information, for instance, and legislation on chemical plant security and lead paint.) He has done other things that are more high-profile, including:

*His "health care for hybrids" bill

*An Energy Security Bill

*Various bills on relief for Hurricane Katrina, including aid for kids and a ban on no-bid contracts by FEMA

*A public database of all federal spending and contracts

*Trying to raise CAFE standards

*Veterans' health care

*Making certain kinds of voter intimidation illegal

*A lobbying reform bill (with Tom Coburn), which would do all sorts of good things, notably including one of my perennial favorites, requiring that bills be made available to members of Congress at least 72 hours before they have to vote on them.

*And a proposal to revamp ethics oversight, replacing the present ethics Committee with a bipartisan commission of retired judges and members of Congress, and allowing any citizen to report ethics violations. This would have fixed one of the huge problems with the present system, namely: that the members have to police themselves.

You can either go to:

to check what I have here, or google it yourself.

Thed-litical said...

let me also apologize for the delayed response. Didn't really have a means to "respond" today due to "blogger firewalls at work." I think I've found a work around so we shouldn't have that problem in the future...

Thed-litical said...

Ok boss hog...
let's assume for the moment that every thing you've stated it true. That Obama is nothing more than a supremely educated Easter Speech Giver. What do we do? As a concerned citizen of this country...what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to support the 72 year old liar and his Uber-conservative VP? (and you can say that Obama has gone negative all you want, you've seen and heard the tv ads & lies that McCain & Palin have said about either Obama, & or themselves unless you've been living under a rock!) You've clearly stated..."As far as McCain is concerned, the truth be told I am voting against Barack Obama more than I am supporting McCain."
Is this such a better option? The republicans have royally screwed the american people either directly or indirectly! do i think that all republicans are bad? no. do i think that all democrats are good? no. do I believe that the leader & the VP of the republican party has been a less than great "steward" of our country for the past 8 years? HELL YEAH! It's been proven and documented!

So, you're saying that you'd rather entrust our country to the leader of the SAME party that has helped guide us into this mess? You must know that what is happening in this economy right now is what happens when you let a bunch of greedy, money hungry, opportunistic, well educated people loose on wall street and rely on their "better angels" and their "consciouses" to guide them instead of some sort of regulated rules of engagement.

The fall of the housing market (which is also the cause of what's happening on wall street i.e.~ check out this link about the giant pool of money is a DIRECT result of our government sitting back and hoping that "things would never get this bad." There have been economists forecasting this for a long time and our government put our financial future in the crossing of their fingers.

Do I think that Barack Obama is the next best thing to Jesus? No. I do believe that he is a thinker. I do believe he will have more than a "knee-jerk" reaction to our country's woes. Maybe he's not done alot. Maybe his resume is weak (to some). Maybe his aspirations for our country are too high and unrealistic. But we all know that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I say shoot for the moon, even if you miss you're amongst the stars!

Question for you. How does John McCain's economic philosophy differ from that of George W?

Let me also say that I would love to talk to someone that is voting FOR McCain and not just AGAINST Obama. All I seem to find are the "nay-sayers".

Thed-litical said...

oh, and another thing... Boss Hog,


I know that "everybody @ the NYT is in the tank for Obama" but this Op-Ed piece is very interesting. Talks about the McCain-Palin Health care plans.

Nashville_fan said...

Just three points -


2. Boss Hogg, you are not voting against Obama, you are voting against yourself. Senator Obama is going to be okay no matter the outcome of this election. Not sure the same can be said for our country.

3. Do all the lies coming from McCain and Palin bother you at all? Why should we trust someone who lies?

the boss hog said...

You guys are giving me the impression that you're not familiar with how political campaigns work. The truth is, BOTH SIDES ARE LYING!!! Thed I agree with you when you said that since I know that only 60% percent of American pay taxes, then Obama would know too. I also know that saying 95% of american families will get a tax cut under his plan sounds alot better than saying 57%(which is 95% of the 60%). Also attacking McCain about the computer usage wouldn't sound so good if Obama also included the fact that Warren Buffett(whom he is consulting about economic issues and in my opinion the best investor alive) doesn't use a computer either. By the way Buffet is as old and "out of touch" as McCain. My point is you don't go by what they say(unless you want to take me up on my milion dollar giveaway), you make a decision based on their records. When you take that into account. Obama doesn't stand a chance.

Thed I like the fact that you took the time to site sources for your information, but it would do you some good to use more "objective" sources. Here's why, ever wonder why the Tax Policy Center chose those "exact" numbers? Why didn't the go up to round numbers like say
100k? Also, I don't know where you got the idea that Obama didn't want to change healthcare for the americans that already have coverage. That's just not true.

Also the best legislation you could come up with is Genetic testing and Avian flu? LOL!!( I couldn't help it).. I can lay those fears of catching avain flu aside and rest easy tonight because Senator Obama is on the job!! I'm not belittling the legislation that you posted but were the other bills introduced by Obama or just cosponsored(he piggy backed)? Any bills where he split with the left wing? like McCain-Feingold? That being said Obama makes it clear that McCain has sided with Bush 95% of the time, but hasn't he sided with his party 95% or more of the time? Let's throw the propaganda and baseless opinions out of the window and look at the hard core facts.

the boss hog said...

Maybe if I tell you guys how I became a republican you'll better understand me. I use to be a dem, I voted for Al Gore in 2000 and was mad as hell initially after the FL situation. Then I watched the joint session of congress that convened to certify the electoral votes(or whatever they do after the pres elections) and saw the democratic party, most of whom would not even be in office without the black vote, turn their backs on the Congressional Black Caucuses' plan to challenge the FL electorate. For you that don't know, in order to be heard in a joint session of congress your petition has to be signed by at least one rep and one sen. at that time there were no black senators, so not one of these cowards(even Joe Biden) would sign the petition. They even laughed at the CBC when they came forward anyway to be heard. I sat there watching my TV so angry at those guys that I thought had taken advantage of black america like a $2 whore.

Secondly, when Dick Gephardt resigned from his position as house minority leader, a young progressive man from TN named Harold Ford decided to run for Dick's old position. He was a moderate and had a record of working with both sides of the isle to get things done. Well not only did he lose to this waaaaay to liberal Nancy Pelosi lady, he lost by a landslide!!! That day I brushed my hands and considered my self an independent. Then I started looking at the issues without my dem colored glasses on and realized I agreed with the repubs a lot more than the dems. I agreed when bush cut the cap gains tax in 2001 because I was an aspiring young investor and knew most of my income would come from my investments one day. I agreed with personal retirement accounts because I think I can manage my money better than the government. If I don't have any money at retirement let it be b/c I blew it not the government..and so on and on. Now here we are an I can honestly say that I've done well for myself under "dubya" just like any other American could have and the truth is I'll do well regardless of who wins in Nov. My advice is stop boo hooin and cryin about the economy, healthcare, and anything else that ails you. Instead of waiting on Obama to save you from big bad Bush, make something happen, take advantage of the opportunites around you right now. This week most of america is whining about the "financial meltdown", but you should be buying stock in some of the best companies in the world right now while they're on sale!! It's like going to Saks 5th ave and everything is 50% off!!! But maybe you're too busy talking about how Bush screwed up everything. Oh well, that's my story.

Mr. Johnson said...

Boss Hogg,

I can see that you are firm in your stance, and I think that this is part of the reason some folk shouldn't debate. Ultimately, how you view your future - your goals, will be the deciding factor in who you will vote for or why (or why you wouldn't vote, for that matter).

It appears that we simply want different things.

"My advice is stop boo hooin and cryin about the economy, healthcare, and anything else that ails you."

I believe you are of the opinion that people shouldn't need or want help from anyone. People should simply be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, as a friend of mine would say. You may possibly be one of the folks who wouldn't offer a homeless person the change from your broken dollar, or help feed someone who was hungry. It appears, Boss Hogg, that you are simply for self, and truly believe that you can make it in this world without any outside assistance. I wish you the best in every endeavor you take on (sincerely), as you DO seem to have an entrepreneurial spirit - I applaud that. But please remember your earlier statements and mentality if you ever should fail..... for we never know what the future holds (how many honest, hard working people who once had great ideas are now defeated and on the street?). If you should ever encounter this, I feel confident you would change your attitude.

Ultimately, this election should be as much about character as it should about issues, as the two criteria should always be somewhat equal. McCain vs. Obama in character = Obama....however you slice it. But then again, that would really depend on what you really want in your future, huh?

Mr. Johnson said...

....Oh, and I think Thed has verified the tally in Obama's favor several times regarding the ISSUES. I still haven't seen a reference from you regarding McCain's policy. But then again, you're not voting for McCain.... you're voting against Obama!

Thed-litical said...

ok...what's the point? i mean. I DO enjoy our exchange. I really do. I've come to look forward to my "McCain-Invented" Blackberry buzzing and seeing [Incorrectly Political] in the subject and "from: the boss hog" on the screen. I can sort of see some of your points...(like the one about "no one party can represent all black folks" and, like the one about the "bipartisan" sponsored bills from McCain that show how he at least "used" to be a man of some honor, or even how Obama's hands are not totally clean of mud when it comes to the slinging). I even think it's sort of sweet that you saw the grave injustice of the 2000 election and were moved to do something. that shows you DO care. but really...what's the point?

If you are keeping a promise you made to yourself to vote "anti-democrat" no matter what because of what happened in 2000. I completely understand. I don't agree, but I understand. You've stated your reasons, and whether I agree with them or not, I do respect anyone that stands for something.

But if you think that John McCain and Sarah Palin are the best suited leaders for our country in what will probably go down in history as one of the most critical times in America's History because of a few pieces of bipartisan legislation and because he was a former POW...I think I simply would have to disagree.

You talk about judging them both by their records but you want to only count McCain's "old" stuff. I think you've got to look at the totality of what he's done and what he's doing more today. I'm looking at him on these interviews. He looks to me like he doesn't have a clue. the truth is, neither do i but i'm not running for president! I don't know EVERYTHING that should be done to get us out of this crisis but I DO know what got us here. WE ALL KNOW what got us here. He got in front of a tv camera and told me and the rest of the country that he thinks we need to put together a "9/11 type commission" to see what went wrong and to see how we can keep it from happening again. He doesn't know what went wrong? He said that he wanted to some how "limit" the greed on wall street. Limit greed on wall street?!? he must think we can "eliminate" terror from the world and win an "occupation" of a country too! He keeps saying that the fundamentals of our economy are strong. "In what respect Charlie?" Even you've got to admit that that "weak-ass" explanation about how the "American workers" are the fundamentals he was talking about don't hold water! Even if that IS what he really meant! These concepts don't make horse sense to me! do they to you? Hell, you sound like you've got a better grasp of what to do then he does! lol!

Alas, If you can sit in front of your PC and honestly say that you believe the best potential leaders for this country right now are John McCain and Sarah Palin...then sir, I give up. You win. There is nothing that anyone, least of all me, can say to convince you otherwise. And that, after all, was MY point.

It is now, not only my supreme hope, but also my prayer that you and those who come to conclusions subscribing to a similar logic as yours find themselves to be as equally out numbered at the polls on November 4th as you have found yourself to be on this blog.

Kenra said...

And let the bloggers say Amen to that!

the boss hog said...

"My advice is stop boo hooin and cryin about the economy, healthcare, and anything else that ails you."

Mr. Johnson, why would this statement make you think that I "may possibly be one of the folks who wouldn't offer a homeless person the change from your broken dollar"? Man if you knew me and my reputation in the hood where I grew up, you'd apologize. What problem have you solved by "boo-hooin"? Let me tell you a story:

There were 2 shoe salesmen that were being sent to a new territory. It was well known that the people in this area didn't wear shoes. Salesman #1 arrived first. He immediately called back home to headquarters and said "I can't believe you guys would send me here. How can I make any money in a place where no one wears shoes? He took the first thing smokin back home and quit. Salesman #2 arrived and the first thing he did after getting familiar w/ the ton was call back to headquarters and say "Quick! Send me every pare of shoes you can get your hands on! Nobody out hear has on any shoes! I'm going to break all of the sales records!" The moral of the story, STOP BOO HOOING AND MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!! I just finished a book called "The Ultimate Huslters Guide to Getting Paid the Legit Way" that talk about this kind of stuff in more detail. Coming soon!!!

Thed, as far as the current financial crisis goes, this is one of the reasons I talked about referencing "objective" information. I saw on today Senate Majority leader Harry Reid say "no one knows what to do right now." If we all were to be honest, we would recognize that both McCain and Obama are out there shooting from the hip playing the blame game. and for the folks that want to blame bush, let me remind you all that this is a "global credit crisis" I see Russia's central bank pouring money into there markets. Europe is running scared. The last time I checked, we hadn't annexed them into the union. So if you want to believe that Bush is to blame, I have a LOL!! for ya.

What concerns me so much about Obama over McCain is the fact that Obama's cape is too damn big! He needs to(if I can be frank about it) sit his butt down and stop acting like the government can be captain save everything damn thang!! I'm glad that Henry Paulson (former CEO at Goldman Sachs) has the joystick right now and the judgement on how to strategically intervene when necessary. the rest of these beareaucrats will over regulate everything. We won't be able to buy a Thed Weller CD without having some new government agency sign off on it. LOL!!

Thed-litical said...

There actually were 4 Shoe Salesmen.

Shoe Salesman #3...
He arrives in town and sees that no one has shoes. He decides that he can cut a few corners to increase his bottom line and so, he gets the shoes he will sell to this town from another country. He then sales "poorly crafted" foot ware to the towns people at an insane mark up and makes a killing. Because there were sub-par inspections of these "shoe imports", an alarming number of people in this town develop "foot cancer" due to some toxic material used to make the shoe. A large percentage of the town's people are unable to afford the treatment of their affliction and most of them die. After S#3 finds out that his shoes contain this toxin, he does all he can to prevent anyone from finding out because he knows he would be out of business if the town knew the truth. Well, after thousands of deaths and many investigations, the town finds out and force S#3 out of business.

Shoe Salesman #4...
When he gets to this "bare-foot" town, his eyes light up just as Salesman #3. He decides that he will sell the shoes at a reasonable rate so that every bare foot in town will one day be covered with his shoes. Well, years pass, and because of how much better the town's people feet feel, they start to work further and further from their homes. There was some friendly competition from the "flip-flop" makers so S#4 buys all of them out and promptly shuts them down. The town now has built their entire economy on being able to walk great distances with this wonderful new invention. The tar from the bottom of the shoes slowly disintegrates over time, and starts to poison the ground. The town's people are noticing that the grass along the path that they tread is now laced with withering grass. The soles of the shoes are killing it and eventually will seep into the food least that's what the scientist in the town believe. S#4 has made many friends with the chiefs of this town and has made the chiefs very wealthy men. The chiefs don't want to believe that the source of their wealth and power can be causing the people harm, and so the ignore the early warning signs given to them by the scientists. Eventually, the evidence of the harm that the soles are causing are irrefutable. The Chiefs know that they must come up with a new way for their people to cope but they and the towns people have become "addicted" to shoes. In a last ditch effort to make and hoard as much cash as possible, S#4 and the Chiefs decided to sale the shoes at astronomical prices. Eventually, the towns people began to buy fewer and fewer shoes and find and alternative to them altogether but not before they endure many sad years full of famine and hurt feet.

My point is, that you can't "over simplify" any situation and run a "bare foot town" or a nation. There are very complicated circumstances that govern our world. The truth is that the butterfly effect is real. What goes on anywhere can and most often does effect what goes on everywhere. We also can't keep pretending that everybody that is "in a bad way" is simply too lazy to "pull themselves up by their boot straps." Sometimes, people need help. I'm trying to remember when a government helping it's citizens became a bad thing? The government's a good thing...or at least it's supposed to be. For the people, of the people, by the people...right?

I think that you, like many republicans and McCain fans, over simplify solutions. It's like many of you really don't care if Americans die or suffer. Do you believe that our country is supposed to suck for some?

One of the most powerful things that I've ever heard Obama say in a speech was this... "If you work in America, you shouldn't be poor." This is such a novel concept. I mean, if you have zero debt, and you get the best job a high school diploma can get, you'll be poor. And if you have a family, you'll be poorer. Is this right? If you get up early everyday, go to work 40+ hours a week, should you be poor? Should you be uninsured? Should you know that you're only working for the day you can die a slow death in retirement? Is this the American dream? Should you have to go to college to even have a remote chance at making it? If we "expect" our citizens to follow the road to higher education to have a chance at the American dream. If I've "got to" go to college to make it, shouldn't I be able to afford it? Shouldn't I be able to better educate myself without going into an insurmountable debt? People are going into $80K+ debt to get a $45K job? This is how it should be?

The NFL has a set of rules. The games are supposed to be fair. Nascar has a set of rules. The races are supposed to be fare. Do you REALLY think that the "haves" and the "have-nots" are playing by the same set of rules? Investment banks are just as bad and Jonh Q Badcredit! They are in this mess because they don't have the money they were supposed to have. I can't do that! There is a limit to the amount of credit i can it i have good or bad credit...there is a limit. These investment banks just buy and trade "options" and "potentials" like they are REAL commodities!

Of COURSE there should be regulations!!! RULES make things fair and safe for all of us.

I'd just like to say that I have NO problem with you not wanting to vote for Obama. You have your reasons. I just ask that you find someone to vote FOR or stay home on November 4. Don't vote "against" anyone.

(Isn't Ralph Nader running again? Why don't you write Ron Paul in?)

"The Ultimate Huslters Guide to Getting Paid the Legit Way"...gotta get a copy of this book! I'll keep checking Books-A-Million! ;-)

Kenra said...

Is this really the party you want to vote for Mr. Boss Hog? Check out this link.

Thed-litical said...

ok kenra...i can see this one coming from a mile away. because you've got a link to an "obama" site, the boss is gonna think that it is "tainted" with the liberal left wing ideas. then he'll go on and on about two guys selling shoes and why america needs to get his book cause he's got it all figured out...uh oh, did i "type" this out loud? lol! my bad. thought i was just thinking it!;-p

the boss hog said...

I'm kinda like you now Thed, what's the point? We have very little common ground on this thing. I tried to pull up the link Kendra, but the page was invalid.

As for the shoe salesman story, the point wasn't to try to over simplify anything, it was to demonstrate how two individuals can face the exact same situation and experience different circumstances all because of their thinking. Salesman #1 spent too much time "boo hooing" and lost the fight in his head, and justified it by telling himself, it was "the companies' fought".Just an FYI, the two examples you gave really do have an easy fix. STOP WEARING THE DAMN SHOES!!! As far as the government helping people, I'm all for it. My question is what exactly are you being helped to do? Is it really fair for welfare recipients to eat better than the people that pay for their meals? Before you start turning your nose up about how evil and low down I am, let me be clear. I don't have a problem w/ welfare, I have a problem with welfare abuse. I remember when I was in college working at a hotel there was a young lady that had just started and had rec'd her first check. Her response was "damn they gone cut my food stamps if they find out I make this much money". She soon quit. That's the mindset that I just don't understand. If you need temporary assistance to get on your feet while you finish school, get a better job, whatever, I'm the 1st in line to ask you what can I do to help you. But I can't take care of you for some infinite amount of time. That's the price of freedom, self reliance. I'm so sick of negroes talking about how bad we have it and so on. It seems like we should be used to adversity by now!!! That is not an excuse. AG Gaston said find a need and fill it. That's why he was the success that he was. He came up in Jim Crow and made Wells Fargo truck money. When white banks wouldn't loan us money, he opened one that would. When white insurance companies didnt want to insure us, he started one that did, when white hotels wouldn't accomodate us, do you get the idea? But I guess that mindset is "out of touch" with reality. Barack will save us!!!

The truth is I'll do well regardless of whose in office. My wife and kids will not miss one meal because my God truly does provide. I know how to spot opportunities because I've conditioned my mind to find them for me. I just want someone in office that will let me do what I do as an a capitalist and that's what makes this country so great.

Oh yeah, don't look in Books A Million for my book that business model is dead and "out of touch". Self PublIshing and internet marketing is the low cost high profit margin approach to book sales these days!! I ain't the boss hog of the game for nothing, I GET MINES!!!! SEE YOU AT THE TOP OF THE GAME! HOLLA!!

Thed-litical said...

Q: "My question is what exactly are you being helped to do? Is it really fair for welfare recipients to eat better than the people that pay for their meals?"

A: No it isn't fair. Is it fair that people on welfare eat worse than people that pay for their meals?

ok...let's look at a few things and I'd like for you to explain the difference to me.

1. People on welfare abuse the system...we want them to stop.

People on wall street abuse the system...we "have" to bail them out.

What's the difference?

2. Iraq needs to be liberated and freed and we need to help rebuild their infrastructure.

New Orleans needs new levees and rebuilding...but thats a "state" problem.

What's the difference?

3. USA sends millions of dollars in aid to africa to help with he AIDS epidemic.

We have AIDS at epidemic levels in certain swaths of the population here and can't seem to get it under control.

What's the difference?

And, if you are NOT going to address any of these questions like you didn't address many of my last questions (i.e. should someone, with no debt and a high school diploma go to work 40+ hours a week be poor in this country? If college is required in order to make a descent living, shouldn't it be affordable? etc...) then it's really not a discussion. and there is no point to these "comments"...are there?

You can't legislate morality. People are gonna figure a way to game the system. I just know that our country isn't on the brink of collapsing because folks are getting too many WIC this month!

It just trips me out that folks get ALL bent out of shape when "some" people game the system on the low end and can "look the other way" when others do it on the high end because they can see how maybe one day they themselves may be able to benefit from obvious unsustainable market play.

I've been in talks with my cousin about starting an investment club and it was obscene the amount of money he was telling me we could make in a short amount of time... needless to say i'm sort of glad we weren't "all-in" as of yet but if we could have achieved the numbers he was crunching i can only imagine what people with REAL money have been doing all this time!

i just think that for too long, there hasn't been balance. the rich have been getting richer and the poor has been getting poorer. I don't think the government should take sides... the government should act more as a referee to keep the playing field fair, don't you think?

the boss hog said...

okay, I'll address all of your points:

1."If you work in America, you shouldn't be poor."
Well, the fact is, we live in a market driven economy which means demand will determine how much you are compensated for the job you do. People pay certain prices for goods and services, our job is to figure out how to deliver those goods at competitive quality and prices and the best will win. It's called capitalism. The ideas you and obama are talking about are called socialism and arguably communism. Look at the normal unemployment rates across Europe and see if you still like the idea. Didn't you see what happened to the USSR working that economic model?

2."This is such a novel concept. I mean, if you have zero debt, and you get the best job a high school diploma can get, you'll be poor.And if you have a family, you'll be poorer. Is this right?"

Not true my friend!! I for one don't have a degree, you see my girlfriend (who is now my wife) got pregnant when we were in college and I had to drop out and get my grind on9she stayed in school and graduated). Not braggin but this college dropout has over a quarter mil in assets today. That's why I don't buy the BS. I been there. Again Capitalism at it's finest!! My motto is: "what you doin' sleepin if your kids ain't eatin'". I had plenty of help, "helping me do something".

3. "If you get up early everyday, go to work 40+ hours a week, should you be poor? "

It depends on what you're doing for 40+ hours. Are you rendering a high demand product or service? Or are you "out of touch" with the marketplace? What are you doing w/ the income you bring home? What are you doing the other 16 hrs everyday? While my friends were in the club on the weekends, I was studying real estate and investing. I didn't have the money to buy the books, so I would go to books a million and read until they closed. I did what I had to do to get to where I needed to be.

4."Should you be uninsured? Should you know that you're only working for the day you can die a slow death in retirement? Is this the American dream?"

The American dream is the fact that you have the opportunity to do something about that! You can sit around and die a slow death(that's what salesman #1 will do) and talk about what the government didn't do for you or you can make something happen for you and your family. I mean it is your(not the government's) family right?

5. "Should you have to go to college to even have a remote chance at making it? If we "expect" our citizens to follow the road to higher education to have a chance at the American dream. If I've "got to" go to college to make it, shouldn't I be able to afford it? Shouldn't I be able to better educate myself without going into an insurmountable debt? People are going into $80K+ debt to get a $45K job? This is how it should be? "

I think my experience answered this ? you don't "have" to go to college, and you don't "have"to pay 80k for a college degree, but if that's the school you want to attend, use your mind to figure out how YOU can get it done.(grants, scholarships,etc. can you work and goto school?) If you think Barack Obama is going to fix that, I'm giving you too much credit in the area of intelligence. The job may only pay 45k but why limit yourself? You can make as much money as you want if you figure the system that will deliver the goods. Listen, read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. That's the mindset we all should have.

the boss hog said...

As far as the government bailouts, that's a very complicated issue that was a longtime coming. yeah it sounds good to put all of the blame on corp america, but the greed in this situation starts on the consmer level. I don't have time to go into all of the details, but anytime someone tells you that you can buy a 350k house and only pay $900/mo. You don't think too at least ask some questions? Do the math. Like I said, I studied real estate finance for awhile and these loans were originally designed for RE investors that would not be holding property for very long. Once the house was sold, you could pay off the loan, the bank made short term interest, the investor made money, everyone was happy. Then mortgage brokers figured out how to sell these loans to non investors b/c they are compensated on the loan amt not your payment amt. Any greedy sicker would take a 350k house over a 150k house if you think it's the same $900/mo. I think you're smart enough to figure out the rest. But the purpose of the bailouts was not to lookout for the guys on wall street but to calm the markets so that the little guy that doesn't know what any of this means won't be wiped out. But the intelligen investors with suitcases full of cash like Buffett are moving in to profit from the madness.

As far as the levies are concerned. That's a serious concern. But what IS the government going to do about? I'D GET MY FAMILY THE HELL OUT OF THAT DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN AGAIN. So let's not fool ourselves, our government is not a reliable friend in a time of need. That's why I don't like sending my tax dollars to them, I'd rather fend for myself. I'm prepared to do that and I'd suggest you do the same before Obama dissapoints you my friend.

Thed-litical said...

on question #1, you're not answering the questions. you're explaining capitalism.

on question #2 i think that you are using yourself as the rule and not the exception. and if you ARE the rule, then we know that there will be exceptions. what to do for these exceptions? F--k 'em? Economic Darwinism? it's insane to think that if a person does EVERYTHING that Oprah did, they will end up the richest woman in the world. Or if a person does everything that David Letterman did, they'll end up with their own late night show. Likewise, if a person reads your life story and mimics your path, they may not end up with "over a quarter mil in assets today." Everybody can't make it even if they do everything right. What to do for them? and if you think we should just let the chips fall where they may. you either figure out how to look out for yourself or be doomed, then, that's a workable plan. I don't agree with it because i believe it will contribute to other social woes (i.e. crime) but that's just me. According to your logic, dope dealers are simply entrepreneurs that found a "need" and are filling it in order to make something happen. "Again Capitalism at it's finest!" right?

I know that the government can't do everything for everybody. but i think that the government can help level the playing field. minimum wage should be base on how much it takes to live today. the price of gas, food, school, electricity, housing, etc. has gone up at a higher rate than that of our wages. Much higher. thus leaving us in a "come from behind" situation. there are some things that the government can do to help us help ourselves. I don't know if you believe in the numbers that come out like the "unemployment rates" or the "bankruptcy due to medical bills rates" but there are many americans that would be doing fine if the government would simply help level the playing field.

I do know what lead to this economic crisis. and there is plenty of blame to go around. there were some people that bought more house then they could afford. but that's not the ONLY or ever the biggest thing that has contributed to what we are going through right now. if it were, there would have been a "major bail out months ago when all these folks were getting put out of their homes that they couldn't afford." the fact is that lenders knew that these people couldn't afford the house when they drew the papers up and drew them up anyway because they new they would "pass the buck" onto another "bank". and then the buck would continue to be passed and passed and passed until the "people" who couldn't afford the homes in the first place finally defaulted and the last buck holder is screwed...well, not really because the last "buck holder" knows that there is a good chance they they have become so large that the government "can't afford" to let them fail.

I remember when i bought my home...i went through a rigorous process and they basically "told" me how much house i could afford. there was no "bending of rules" because they knew that my defaulting would be someone else's problem. I'm just saying that the consumer played a role, but not the biggest part.

as far as college is concerned...the costs of going to school is ridiculous! Most major universities have endowments the are drawing interests that are swelling the bank accounts of these institutions in a major way. College can and should be more affordable. And if it's possible for college to be more affordable, i don't see anything wrong with making them more affordable.

We may have to simply agree to disagree on this one dude. I understand all of your points and i do think that more people can "make it" than are making it. but i also believe that the playing field could be more level. the US government pays for what it wants to pay for whether we can afford it or not. If it deems it to be important enough, they foot the bill.... period. they do it for wars, bail outs, aid to other countries... you name it and they'll pay for it. so, I just get a little tired of them pinching pennies when it comes to the social programs that help the citizens of this country.

I have enjoyed our exchange and hope you chime in on the site again. they'll be another "conspiracy theory" posted at some point this weekend.

the boss hog of all bosses said...

Yes I am the "exception", but that's b/c I consider myself to be "exceptional". I come from a long line of "exceptions", if I told you my dad's life story, you'd think it was fiction, when a man loses both of his parents before he's 21, then has to help raise 4 younger siblings, the BS you're talking about is easy to overcome. In my household, failure was not an option. Personally, I think you're making a bunch of excuses, but I did enjoy the exchange myself. As far as the dope boys, they're supplying the marketplace w/ an in demand product. When I say find a need and fill it, I'm talking about not just bitching about problems, but using you brain to find a solution to them, then take that solution to the marketplace b/c that's where the demand will be filled. That's what I talk about in my book. I'm teaching dope boys in my hood to look around them and see all of the legal money being made while they're chasing relatively inferior profits. "How much does the corner store that you by your blunts from make in a year" I ask? What is the narcotics and dept of corrections budget that's being spent every year to "manage" you? No, I don't have it all figure out(yet) but I'm still on a mission to be the boss hog of the game!!!

Thed-litical said...

i don't think i'm making excuses so much as i am understanding some simple truths. I'm a school teacher by day. I've been teaching for over 12 years now. I've learned that all kids can learn. to the degree at which they will be successful will vary. buy if they apply themselves, they will be able to accomplish some learning. It is not impossible but VERY unlikely that any entire class i teach will be able to achieve what most would consider to be good grades or 4.0s...meaning that ALL of the students will receive "A's" if they try really hard...they will not. by the same token, there are some people who will not achieve in life no matter how hard they try. This is just a simple truth. there are several factors that contribute to this truth, but it is true.

Now how "we" the people (i.e. the government) chose to deal with this truths is where i think we differ.

We have had more republican presidents than we have had democratic presidents. I'm reducing it to the party because there are some basic ideals at work here that each party subscribe to. And there is validity to what each subscribe to. Overall i think that where the county is now, has much to do with the "republicans" having power and being able to contribute to how the country is being ran.

I think that Obama is just a man. imperfect in many respects but a visionary all the same. i believe that he (and he has already) can inspire many people to be more like you and strive for what is not evident or apparent but possible. Several people need different types of "kicks in the pants" to get them going. McCain, i believe, would be less effective to "lead" us in a new direction than Obama.

I congratulate you on all of your successes you've had in life and i hope that you will have a positive effect on all you reach with you book.

don't be a stranger @ [Incorrectly Political]! i know you? if so, let the cat out of the bag before it dies of curiosity!

the boss hog said...

you don't know me personally, but I did meet you once at the high note a few years ago. You asked me for my email address and I gave it to you( As far as the success and failure, I don't know if you're a Christian or not, but the bible says "a man's gift will make room for him and bring him before great men". God did not place anyone of us on this earth with an assignment of failure. If that was the case, he would be far from the "good God" we proclaim Him to be. We have to find our gifts and talents and ways to make them available to those around us. Success is not some finite commodity that is so limited, some won't ever get any. I agree there's only one Oprah and one David Letterman, but we all can achieve success in our own levels of expertise and we all will receive some amount of help to get there along with a certain amount of adversity, but if you don't achieve it, IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT!!! You're an educator. One of the greatest educators in the history of this country Booker T Washington should have, by your examples, failed. If he had not amounted to much in life, most would have understood, but his story is amazing. if you haven't read up from slavery I suggest that you do. I'm of the opinion that the decision to accept or reject failure is solely up to the discetion of the individual.

Also, the next time you use your McCain invented Blackberry, remember all of this wouldn't have been possible without the AL Gore invented internet! LOL!!

Shakedown Crews said...

So...what exactly HAS Obama done that gives him executive experience? I can't find anything in his record. How do you explain away his friendship with W. Ayers, and other America hating radicals?

Thed-litical said...

1st of all...Thanks for your comments;-)

As far as "executive experience" goes...Obama doesn't have much if any. and I don't really think that in order to be president, one needs to have been a mayor or a governor. I do think that it could be helpful to have had some "executive experince". but, just as i don't think that you needed to have run a big company in the past in order to run one now. I think it would be helpful but but all things being equal, if you are good at solving problems and you have the mental prowess and judgement to think of the possible out comes before acting prematurely, i think you'd be able to run a major company, with the help of others dedicated to do that very task.

For example...Let's take Apple, Inc. When Steve Jobs left many years ago, the company started to fall apart. I KNOW he doesn't know how to "run" every single department they have at Apple, Inc. but he's able to put innovative minds where they need to be and he is able to give his over-all vision for the company and we all know how well it's worked out for Apple since he's been back. I think the same is true for Obama. I know that he's proven himself to be a thinker.

As far as his ties with W. Ayers check this link out

In short, they ended up both teaching in Chicago and served on some boards together. I don't think anyone should be "guilty by association." And if you run down the list of people any of the cadidates have been "associates" with, either side can easily be distracted away from what I think the real issues are.

I also think that many times McCain touts is "bipartisan" work as a way of showing he can work with people he may not agree with on everything for the greater good. If you look at "why" Obama has an association with Ayers, it was for the "greater good." It doesn't mean he agrees with everything Ayers has done or everything that Ayers thinks, it means that they both worked together on a project for the "greater good."

Anonymous said...

I’m a late comer to “The Republican Project” but I must say that I am a believer. It has been amusing reading the comments and discovering that the naysayer is a “Boss” “Hog” and not for McCain but anti-Dem thus anti-Obama. I just need to know: HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU MISS THE “YES WE CAN” INITIATIVE and “WORK ETHICS” lecture that we got from OBAMA. I have never heard or read about him saying anything about change by himself – it has always been about change from the people. Call him a good “Easter” speaker if it makes you feel better about denying that the one thing this man can do by himself is motivate millions of people to feel empowered to do more for themselves while at the same time looking out for the people who cannot – plus he just has better ideas than McCain.

1) Having students volunteer in the community to get tuition assistance
2) Taxing the richest 5% more to cut taxes for 95% for the working class and yet still have enough money left over to ensure that social security is still available for those who need it. Providing tax breaks for companies to stay here instead of breaks for companies that take jobs oversees.
3) Providing alternative sources of energy will do a few things: 1- create jobs, 2- reduce our dependence on not just foreign oil but on oil period, and 3- as a result of 2, create a more environmentally responsible country. However, if making money is one’s only objective then there might not be any consideration to global warming since gas prices are still affordable to you. As a physicist, actually pursuing a Ph.D., nuclear energy will have more devastating effects on the earth than all the air pollution we now know. This one issue alone should be everybody’s deal breaker – at least it is for me – McCain wants to have more off-shore drilling and to explore alternative energy like nuclear energy. This makes sense coming from a war hero. Obama supports using solar, wind, and hydro energy sources and exploring other environmentally friendly alternatives. The other issues will only be issues for us to even debate about for a generation or two maybe– THIS ONE ONLY WILL PUT US, UPON MAKING THE WRONG EMOTIONALLY BASED DECISION, IN THE POSITION OF SELF-FULFILLING THE PROFECY OF THE END TIMES.

Also, my Christian brother, Jesus left us 2 commandments: Love God with all your heart and Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Please stop hating on Obama and start loving us enough to teach us how to accumulate that cool quarter million dollar cushion for the free since you have been blessed – bless us (Jesus didn’t charge). Let me know when you are free and I will promote the event and provide the venue. Please start “Sharing” Boss.

Also, how can you not see that God has blessed Obama with this special calling to motivate people and being smart enough to rise from humble beginnings to graduate at the top of his class and to get good advice from people who are experts? No he is not a war hero…I’m glad that he has never been in combat – Jesus didn’t tell us to kill or go to war… Jesus said love. He is not Jesus but he is a believer and is not afraid to say so in front of everybody. Why don’t you want someone who believes how you do and essentially what you do when it comes to being self-motivated? You have more in common with Obama than you don’t. Don’t wait another minute, another hour, or another day… Won’t you come?

Shakedown Crews said...

I like your posts, although I have to suggest that you carefully avoid generalizing about Republicans or Conservatives based upon your conversations about one white woman. Afterall, although her experience speaking with you might lead her to believe that "Black men" are reasonable, well-informed and logical, you and I both know that this describes YOU but NOT ALL "Black Men"--this last being a generality that cannot be accurate by it's nature....some people are reasonable, well-informed, and logical, but others certainly are not.

Shakedown Crews said...

Uh oh. thed, you're wrong on medical mal-practice costs. my father was a Doctor. In one year, he "earned" $300,000. Mind you, he worked LONG hours, so don't think it was 8-4. Of that $300,000 1/3 went to taxes. Another 1/3 went to MAL PRACTICE INSURANCE. He went to school for many years more than the average college student and worked very long hours but what he actually brought home was about the same as what the average Business Analyst with a 4 year degree brings home. Why? Because of mal practice insurance costs and high taxes. Now, THAT is not fair. ANd if you think they don't increase their prices to make up for these expenses, you are very confused.

Thed-litical said...

Excellent point! I must admit that i do tend to speak in sweeping "generalizations". but, don't we all?

I read a couple of you blog entrys and you "over-all" are "generalizing" to make your point.

I agree that we all need to look at things in a case by case basis but we also must admit that the reason most stereotypes exists is because there is "some truth" to them all.

The point that I was tryting to make in this blog is that if a person believes the "illogical" there must be a "logical" explination as to why.

It's "illogical" for me to think that "ALL" white people that support McCain are racists. The must be a "logical" explination why i think this though. Could be because "most" of the white people I talk to give few if any reasons for supporting McCain and give weak reasons for voting against Obama? perhaps...

Side note: If I were not black and the only "exposure" to black culture is what i saw on tv, heard in music, and saw on the news...I'd be racist! (or at least prejudice;-) i can REALLY understand how poeple can easily develop negative ideas and feelings about certain groups of people.

I do think that what "we" are doing now, having an honest dialogue bout what we think and why, is what more people should do in this country to help "heal" the wounds of our county's history.

Thed-litical said...

wow...that really sucks for your dad. at the end of this is a link of an article i found interesting about "malpractice insurance". It states that the cost may be more closely linked to insurance companies "business model" than to lawsuits. And, over all, i believe that MOST insurance comapanies are doing everything they can to increase thier bottom lines. Most companies do. McDonalds would charges us $15 for a hamburger if they thought we'd buy them at that price.

I understand free market and all that jazz but i think the bigges lesson that we are learning from what is going on with our economy now is that you can't let the free markets be totally "free". I KNOW that insurance companies are making a butt-load of cash! ALL OF THEM! from auto, to health, to life, to malpractice...they are making a killing!

Somebody needs to really check into how they're making their killing.

On the "tax" question. The truth is, i believe that "we" as Americans have forgotten that we are all in this together. Back, during WWI, all Americans had to come together, make sacrafices and work though a very "hard-time." We all lived on "rations". Not only do i think we should increase the taxes on the very wealthy, i think we should have "gas-rations" during war time. We can't continue to look for the government to give us everything we want right when we want it.

The "truth" is that we need to use less gas... That's what we can do right now to help curb not only our dependence on foriegn oil but it will bring the price down too...(supply and demand)! That means that the auto industry should have to STOP MAKING and SELLING SUV's! No if, ands or buts. We look at "conservation" as an option. But what would we do if the government "told" us how much gas we could use or what car we could drive? We'd flip out! Why? because "we" think that we should be able to do what ever we want to do in good times and bad. Thats just not "logical". as a county, we've got to find ways to use less...period.

And part of sacraficing is that ALL of us have got to learn how to live with less. and yes, that means less money for many of us.

I'm just saying that if you look at what the "middle class" are trying to make ends meet with, and look at what the "middle-class" have to pay for...they've "already" have made many sacrafices and i'm not talking about vacationing closer to home either.

We've had a good ride for a long time and i think the ride is coming to an end and nobody wants to admit it. "WE" are responsible for the economic mess we're in and "WE" are all responsible for getting us out of this mess...aren't we?

"Re-igniting the medical malpractice overhaul debate, a new study by Dartmouth College researchers suggests that huge jury awards and financial settlements for injured patients have not caused the explosive increase in doctors' insurance premiums.

The researchers said a more likely explanation for the escalation is that malpractice insurance companies have raised doctors' premiums to compensate for falling investment returns."