Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Tiraid / Op-Ed by Perspective

Opinion Editorial by Perspective

So I get a call from a friend, a Major in the Army, who called me to tell me about an interaction she had with a White woman in her unit.  She went on to say how this soldier said she would never vote for Barack Obama, not because he is Black, but because he is a Muslim.  And she was so sure of this fact because she and her girlfriend went online and read it for themselves.  My friend told her that she had never heard anything like that and that she would have to check it out and get back to her. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then went off (should have written this when I was really mad, but I was too busy practicing small town values like making dinner for my family). Anyway, I went nuts and gave her some of the reasons why I think America is a nation of dumbasses and then it hit me. She called me for confirmation that this chick was wrong.  And once I realized that I was even hotter.  I was pissed because I knew that she had no idea about his policies and therefore couldn’t counter anything ole girl had to say.  I knew that she is voting for him because he is Black and that pissed me off because that should be the last reason someone votes for him. Now let’s be clear.  I did not say that it should not be “uh” reason.  I said it should not be “the” reason. We can’t ignore race any more than we can gender so I’m not so upset if his blackness is “uh” reason. Moving on…I think most of us are too damn lazy to find out shit for ourselves.  We rely on those who think like we do to continually feed us the same ole bullshit. It makes us feel better because we don’t have to be challenged. We don’t have to think about one more damn thing. So that is why my co-worker thinks Fox news is the truth and I actually chuckle a bit when I see John Stewart and The Colbert Report.  Yes, I said chuckle. Call it elitist, but a pig in lipstick is still a pig_  I’m sorry; I meant, there is more than one way to convey the same message. You get the point.  So I challenge Democrats and Republicans to step outside of their comfort zones.  Talk to people who do not support your political view so that you can learn something.  You ever notice how Minister Farrakhan frequently references the Bible in his sermons. He took the time to understand someone else’s position and probably knows the Bible better than some who have been Christians all of their lives.  Like instead of mandating Latinos learn English, learn some Spanish your damn self and stop eating at Taco Bell and calling that authentic! Learn something new. 

Look, I am a Democrat and Obama supporter.  There is nothing short of an act of God that will get me to change my mind at this point.  I know Republicans who probably feel the same and I am not mad about that.  But I’m pissed by the rationales people are using to support their candidates.  I heard a woman say that she grew up in Idaho and likes to hunt and that she is voting for McCain because Sarah Palin and she have a lot in common.  Okay.  Sarah Palin is not running for President dear.  McCain is. Faulty logic.  And if one more person tells me that this woman has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from her state, I’ll just have more fuel for my argument that America is a nation of dumbasses.  I’m looking at my neighbor’s house right now, but I am not an expert on how the husband treats his wife.  Dumbasses I tell you!  And Obama supporters, you are not off of the hook either.  Grow some balls and muzzle that pitbull!

And speak to the issues so that when a McCain supporter comes to you and says that Barack has no executive experience, remind them of what he has done and speak about it like you did it.  Don’t call me asking me if it’s true that he’s a Muslim.  Hell, most Blacks in America probably would have been another religion had we been left the hell alone!  That’s another blog topic and yes I know African tribe leaders captured fellow Africans and sold them into slavery.  I know my ancestors’ part in the problem, so I’m not a dumbass.  

I’ve decided that I’m not arguing with McCain/Palin fans anymore.  I will have a conversation or two with a Republican though.  Someone who can tell me that they think that Palin is not ready, but that he or she loves the ideals of their party so much, they must support the ticket. I can respect that.  But if you tell me how ready she is and how McCain is going to offer change, well then, I’d have to say, I’m done wasting my good sense on you. If you say that you are voting for Sarah because she represents working moms then I know that your decision is emotional and not based on the issues. First of all, she is not the one running for president.  I’m a working mom and I don’t need anyone to show me that I can be president someday. While I think that example is important, I need to know what it is the president is going to do about the No Child Left Behind Law that is kicking educators’ asses and making me hate my job!  And if you are a teacher you know what I’m talking about.  If you are not, you might say I’m a whiner.  Well, those who care the most about healthcare are those without any.  I believe people only care about the things that impact them.  That’s why there is such a high level of misunderstanding on both sides.  I am also not fooling with Obama fans either. If you are caught up in the history of it all, then I just can’t talk to you.  Get a clue and learn the issues!

I truly believe that at his core, McCain is a cool dude, but that he thinks in order to get the diamond, he has to shit on the miners.   I also think that Barack has lots to learn about this level of the game, but it is a chance that I am willing to take.  I’ve been depressed since Bush has been in office and while I like Xanax, he needs to go so that I can stop taking it!  

Finally, I would just like to say that I think the solider that prompted this whole tirade doesn’t want to vote for Barack because he is Black. I think that because she said it wasn’t the reason and because her rationale was so completely off base that only someone who didn’t want to appear racist would say it aloud.  It’s okay though.  Most Black people know that it’s part of the reason. You can say it.  We won’t be mad.  The honesty would be refreshing for a change instead of basing your dislike for him on the fact he doesn’t always wear a lapel pin (McCain didn’t wear one for his big speech by the way-Barack wore his though).  That’s why I like Fox news. They don’t try to hide their dislikes for Blacks and I respect that about them.  But I’m not saying some of them aren’t dumbass material though.  



Thed-litical said...

I hope you don't mind the "pic" i put over your work. Let me know and i'll change it out. Very good work though.

Blog Queen said...

Wow...this was deep. A great great read...Thanks for sharing

Nashville_fan said...

Great post - you captured much of the FRUSTRATION I have felt with well meaning, but none the less UNINFORMED voters this election cycle.

I gotta say, the most important thing you said in this post, something that I have learned in this campaign and will take with me for the rest of my life:

You can't trust other people to think for you, you have to THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Anyone in America who is depending on friends, family, or God forbid THE MEDIA to learn THE TRUTH about politics or anything else - is basically walking around blind as a bat.

What is really happening in the world is what is NOT on the news.

By the time we see something on the news, it is basically sanitized for our deflection.