Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Manchurian Candidate...

I believe that John McCain is "The Manchurian Candidate".  I think that he is not the "head" of his party, rather, the "puppet" that the republicans are using to regain the white house.  Why do I think this?
  • John McCain wanted to be an admiral in the military just like his father and grandfather.  He only went into politics when he found that it would be impossible to move up the military ranks due to his injures from being a POW.  After marrying Cindy and now having the funds and connections of her family and his own military connections, it was easy.
  • John McCain spent years  in Washington and was finally convinced that he could be president (& thus trump the "military accomplishments" of his dad and granddad with the Commander in Chief label) when he saw that an idiot, I mean a man of meager intelligence (just like him, i.e. George Bush) could successfully run for and win the highest office in the land.
  • John McCain is now "using the help" of many major lobbyist and managers to run his campaign that George Bush used even though these were some of the same folks that helped to propel George Bush into office and defeat him not so long ago.
  • He was convinced to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate even though he wanted to pick Joe Lieberman.  The most "important & telling" decision to make as his party's leader...and he's "bullied" into making an obvious "political" choice and pander against his better judgement.
  • Many of the "moves" that are being made can and are most often time linked to what is most politically expedient. (i.e. John McCain needed to gain more women support, so "he" picks a "Washington out-sider" for VP, that happens to be a woman / only letting her conduct REAL interviews as the campaign sees beneficial to the campaign / only now appearing with Palin because of the larger crowds she brings / going against his own words as to what would be the #1 credential for picking a VP...coincidence?)
  • He even admits in his book that it's his own "ambition" that led him to run for president.
What do I think REALLY happen?
I think that the "party bosses" of the republican party took John McCain in a room and laid it out for him simple and plain.

RNC Party Bosses: "Look Johnny, America is stupid!  Look at how we've won the last two contests.  We got this.  I know you "think" you know how to win this thing but trust us, you have NO idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.  Just keep doing what we tell you to do and you'll be in the white house so fast, your head will spin!"

McCain:  "You sure?  I mean, I've got some pretty good ideas and...well, who am I kidding.  You guys have gotten Bush this far and Obama has got America eating out the palm of his hand.  Even I thought he would never rebound after that Rev. Wright thing.  And he did all that up against the Clinton Machine!  OK boys.  I'm all in.  I just better win."

I wasn't a fly on the wall when this happen and of course, there is NO hard proof of this, which always makes for a good conspiracy!  This is just one black man's opinion...what's yours?

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JUSDAFAX said...

WOW!!! I was thinking that same shit bruh! He mos def fits the bill.