Monday, September 8, 2008

Keep it simple...Stupid.

Not to long ago, I heard some republican strategist talking during the RNC I believe, and her advice to Obama was to "talk with simpler words" and "smaller sentences".  She actually argued that "blue-collar" Americans like McCain because he and Palin use smaller words!!  WTF?!  This is a REPUBLICAN saying this!!!  What exactly does this say about their constituents?  
The fact is that reporters often ask both Obama and McCain very complicated questions.  Obama tends to give a more "complicated" answers.  Not always in terms of "black and white" but more in hues of gray since many of the dilemmas that face our nation are complex.  It's like when a 5 year old asks "where do babies come from?" and some medical doctor starts on and on about the zygotes and chromosomes and gestation's and some body's mom says, "the storks brings them."  Of course one is obviously not possible but one is so simple in it's explanation, it's more readily acceptable by the child.
Consider this...

What should we do about America's dependence on oil?
an Obama type on-the-stump answer: "It's not gonna be easy.  We need to ultimately use less oil.  Find a new source of renewable energy.  Look at wind and solar and natural gas.  And I think, if we put our minds to it, we can be energy independent in 10 years.  We can create millions of "green jobs".   Plants that have been closed down, can re-open helping to create the infrastructure needed to help make America energy independent.  I think that drilling for oil isn't the answer.  There are thousands of acres now that oil companies have leases on that are going untapped.  We as a nation us 25% of the nation's oil and even if we drilled every place we thought we'd find oil in the US, we'd only find 3% or the worlds supply." ~thedlidical paraphrase
a McCain type on-the-stump answer:  "We need to drill today, drill now, drill here!  The Democrats don't want to drill.  they want to keep importing oil from countries that don't like us very much.  Even Senator Obama has "flip-flopped" and says that he's for off-shore drilling.  My friends, I've spent 5 years of my life, understanding what freedom really means.  When all else was lost, I came to really love my country." ~ thedlitical paraphrase. be continued.


BigBusiness said...

Insightful Thed.

Isn't it interesting the "simple talk of simple folk" is what is lauded in opposition to Obama's demonstrated intelligence. Black folk had "plain talk" and "common sense" approaches in spades back in the day, but even the most empathetic Democrats dared not let a Black candidate represent the club. Only now could they look into their hearts and do the right thing.

Now that's a lot of "card talk", but it's not a game! (Re-read the last paragraph.)

I vote Obama. Not because I am a Black-Default-Democrat, but because (1) most of what he says and how he says it resonates with me; (2) on the checklist of things that must "change", checkmarks match up better with Obama's; (3) given Obama's DNC speech, the boxes "unchecked" on my list we can work on, as a country, under his leadership.

Chime in everybody! We need more folks thinking and writing on the 'net...I already bookmarked all the good porn sites LOL


(PS. And; bookmarked that, too)

Kenra said...

I can actually appreciate a lot of the points you make and I think for the most part your views on the overt and covert racism in the GOP and its supporters is accurate. I also agree with the fact that America, as it currently stands (or falls) is never going to be ready for a black president. I can openly and boldly state that I WILL vote for Obama in November but it's really only because I have a clear understanding of the deception that underlies the Republican campaign and the primary issue will be to stay in Iraq if they do win the presidency. I am also very leery of throwing all my hopes of change and progress into one basket with Obama. I think he really does have every intention of doing the things he says he will if he assumes office as President but I'm not sure he has a clear understanding that this is not the America of 2000. This is an America wrought with financial crises and unnerving foreign policies. This is a big job to fill for anybody: senator, governor, community organizer or otherwise. So it's great that we have a candidate that, I believe, truly upholds the values of the working and middle class of America. We are the backbone of this nation. But as a nation, we have a lot of catching up to do. If he does win, it will be interesting to see if the promises of change that Barack has made will actually come to fruition.