Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quit Playing Like You Smart

Ok...I've just about had it with these half-ass pundits!  The proverbial last straw was when I heard Ludacris on Steve Harvey this morning commenting on the 2nd presidential debate.  He was like, "neither candidate impressed me.  I was disappointed with both of their responses."   Are you f__king kidding me?!?!  This from the guy that don't know enough about politics to not make a stupid ass song called "Paint the White House Black" after Obama mentions him in a Rolling Stone article.  If you are as important as you think you are,Luda, you should know that it matters what you say or do to the many "ignorant, uniformed, I'm voting for McCain or Obama because they had a really good TV ad on last night" folks.   At the end of each day, a flock of pundits come on TV and explain to us why we are rejecting John McCain and why we are supporting Barack Obama as if "we" didn't already know.  WTF is a "swing voter" anyway?  And don't even get me started on the polls (I'll be blogging about that later this week;-)!  If you've not made up your mind by now...F_CK YOU FOR REAL!  I'd rather hear somebody say, "I'm voting for McCain because I think Palin is hot!" than to hear somebody say, "I still have by doubts about whether or not Obama is a muslim."  You don't deserve to vote...(unless like, you're just waking up from a coma or something.)  Get on the internet and read something for crying out loud!!!  Find out what each of the candidates are all about on their websites first and then see if you agree with what each of them say they "want" to do.  Fact Check, Fact Check, Fact Check!  Know WHY you are supporting who you're supporting and don't just repeat to me the "talking points" that you've heard the "pundits" spewing the night before.  It just seems like you're trying to "play smart" to the rest of us.

I'm Thed Weller and I approve this message.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Man, you know the majority of people are not going to use their brain. It's just so happens that Obama is shiny and new and McCain is a dirty handicapped old white man. People want to say they are reviewing the debates but really they are making their decision with what feels good. So Obama is the shiny new nickel this time so the masses are with him.

This is why people are easily manipulated because they don't care about substance they care about style. Example: Look at your preachers!

Blog Queen said...

I don't believe this undecided crap for one minute. If you haven't decided by're not fooling anybody but yourself. Or maybe you're trying to fool everybody.

Steph Waller said...

Amen! Great post - I love the way you just tell it.

Thed-litical said...

@freemanpress:'s hard to believe but I'd like for a "few" more people to take their blinders off and see what's really going on sometime

@blog queen:
maybe they "are" trying to fool themselves...hmmmm.

@steph waller:
Thanx for chiming in!

Anonymous said...

Agreed!! That n$%ga knew he was voting for Obama before he realized he wasn't registered to vote! lol! Just playin! I'm sure Luda has been voting since he turned 18.